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Providing LASIK procedures in Austin and the surrounding area

At Eyes of Texas Laser Center, we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to providing our clients the gift of visual freedom.With our advanced Customized LASIK and Lens Vision Correction procedures, we have helped tens of thousands of clients in Austin and the Central Texas area achieve their best capable vision.

As the first LASIK surgeon in Central Texas, L. Shawn Wong, MD, is committed to making your vision correction experience as informative and personalized as possible. Our clients love their fantastic results and highly rate both Dr. Wong and his staff at Eyes of Texas Laser Center. Although Dr. Wong’s experience as the first LASIK specialist in Austin is unsurpassed, he believes that LASIK should not be intimidating. Complex technology and medical terms are explained in plain English.

To find out how to eliminate or reduce your dependence on glasses or contacts…or even reading glasses, please call (800) 350-0792 to schedule a Free Screening today. Come see why our clients rate their experience as top-notch!

More About Eyes of Texas Laser Center

At Eyes of Texas, we specialize exclusively in Customized LASIK and other state-of-the-art vision correction procedures…vision correction is all we do! Our surgeon personally cares for you at each and every visit — before, during, and after your procedure — in order to provide the best care and visual outcome possible. Also, Eyes of Texas houses its own permanent laser — the area’s first FDA-approved scanning excimer laser — which ensures the greatest possible accuracy during the procedure.

In addition, Eyes of Texas Laser Center specializes in Lens Vision Correction procedures, restoring visual freedom to many clients experiencing age-related presbyopia (i.e., need to use reading glasses, bifocals, or trifocals). Lens Vision Correction is a non-laser procedure that can correct both “Mother Nature” and “Father Time” vision problems, as well as extreme visual problems not treatable with LASIK. Eyes of Texas also offers INTACS corneal ring segments, and “no shot, no stitch, no patch” cataract surgery.

Free Screening

Register for a FREE Screening today to find out if you are a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery in Austin or one of our other customized vision correction procedures.

During this screening, we will use advanced computerized technology to analyze your eyes, and you will meet personally with our LASIK surgeon, Dr. L. Shawn Wong. He will

  • show you what your likely outcome will be,
  • confirm your candidacy
  • and answer any questions you may have

So, if you’re in the Austin area and considering Customized LASIK or Refractive Lens Implant eye surgery, come in for a screening. The screening is free for new refractive clients only with no previous eye surgery.

What Do Dr. Wong’s Patients have to Say?

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“When you are always on the road like we are, it really makes it nice not having to deal with glasses or contacts. It’s one less thing you have to worry about. After LASIK, I noticed a huge difference in my eyesight…things at short and longer distances seemed more clear (the glove looks a little closer). Not to mention there is no glare from lights at night, whether it’s lights over the baseball field or driving. I would highly recommend it to anybody. Thanks again Eyes Of Texas Laser Center!” —Homer Bailey, Professional Baseball Player/Cincinnati Reds

“What a new lease on life! No fumbling for glasses, cleaning & fussing over contact lenses every day. Seeing perfectly the moment I wake up! Reading the car control panel without fumbling for reading glasses while wearing my contacts for distance. Best thing anyone can do for themselves to make life more simple and less complicated! Eyes Of Texas Laser Center is the BEST!!” —Betty Zimmerman, Legal Secretary

“I want to thank you for liberating me from the glasses and contacts, that I have worn since the age of twelve. Since I lead an extremely active lifestyle, with long work hours and a variety of outdoor hobbies, my glasses have always been a problem, and I had waited years for a safe and reliable method of permanently correcting my vision. After carefully reviewing my options and speaking with several people who had undergone the LASIK procedure, I had no problem getting my initial appointment with you, In fact, I was able to pre-schedule my surgery before my evaluation, simplifying my already complex schedule. After my initial visit, I felt confident in my understanding of the procedure and the risks and benefits it involved. On the day of my surgery I was not nervous or frightened, and I felt the entire procedure to be completely painless and surprisingly brief. I took a cab home and slept for four hours, and on awakening I found the vision in my right eye to be 20/20 – maybe better! By the following day, my left eye was 20/25 and continued to improve over the next day or two. My vision is now at least 20/20, and without my glasses I no longer get the headaches and neck tightness that 12 to 14 hours of work can bring on. I can now jog or cycle or swim and still see perfectly – something I hope I’ll never again take for granted.

“As a fellow physician, I want to compliment you on your outstanding devotion to your patients. Your excellent explanation of the procedure, along with your extensive experience and calm bedside manner during the surgery, provide your patients with a confident, positive and personalized experience. I have already referred several people to you, including my own wife, and have received nothing but glowing praise for your care. I wish you continued success, and would be happy to speak to any of your patients about my experience.” —R. Lee Chilton III MD, FACEP, FAAEM, President, Austin Cardiac Emergency Services

More About L. Shawn Wong, MD

L. Shawn Wong, MD, is the region’s most experienced vision correction eye surgeon. Dr. Wong was the first certified LASIK surgeon in the Austin and Central Texas area to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism utilizing the LASIK technique, and the first to specialize his practice in vision correction surgery. As a pioneer in the field, Dr. Wong has developed many of the techniques and instruments utilized around the world in vision correction.

Dr. Wong received his undergraduate degree from Rice University in 1985 and his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine in 1989. His residency was fulfilled in New Orleans at the renowned Ochsner Clinic. He is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and is an active member in many national, international and local ophthalmology organizations, including the International Society of Refractive Surgery, the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

The combination of Dr. Wong’s expertise, customized procedures and the best technology provides clients their best visual outcomes.

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