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Treating Cataracts, Presbyopia and Performing LASIK in Ponte Vedra & Jacksonville - Gulani Vision Institute Reviews

The Gulani Vision Institute is a world-class refractive surgery facility catering to the vision correction needs of patients from Northeast Florida and around the world.

Dr. Gulani has appeared on Channel 4 as the eye care doctor of choice and local expert.

Focused on providing patients with the ultimate vision correction experience, the Gulani Vision Institute is committed to providing advanced eyecare on an individualized basis in order to produce optimum results in a compassionate setting.

Dr. Gulani is the eye care doctor of choice for Channel 4.

The state-of-the-art refractive surgery center was founded by Arun C. Gulani, MD, MS, a LASIK and Full Spectrum Vision Correction (surgeries to decrease dependence of glasses and contact lenses) specialist with more than a decade of experience in performing and teaching LASIK and Laser Vision Surgeries around the globe.

Dr. Gulani has invented award-winning LASIK surgery instruments, been published extensively as an ophthalmology resource and teaches LASIK eye surgeons all over the world. His unique “High Tech — High Touch” approach to refractive surgery has helped establish a reputation of excellence for both he and his Gulani Vision Institute.

Dr. Gulani was recently awarded the International Gold Medal for his leadership and innovations in the world of laser vision surgery.

To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Gulani contact the Gulani Vision Institute in Jacksonville, Florida at (888) 650-0744. Discuss your LASIK candidacy, details of the procedure and the recovery process, and learn more about the cost of LASIK surgery (and available financing options).

More About the Gulani Vision Institute

The Gulani Vision Institute was founded by Arun C. Gulani, MD, MS, a world-renowned Jacksonville LASIK surgeon. As the lead refractive surgeon at the Gulani Vision Institute, Dr. Gulani performs the complete spectrum of refractive surgery procedures, including laser vision surgery (LASIK, LASEK, Epi-LASIK, PRK-Photorefractive Keratectomy, PTK-Phototherapeutic Keratectomy and ASA-Advanced Surface Ablation), Cataract and intraocular Lens Implant surgery (using monofocal IOLs and multifocal lenses such as AcrySof ReSTOR, ReZoom and Crystalens lenses), INTACS for keratoconus, phakic implants and combinations of the above to help people decrease their dependence on eyeglasses.

To view a list of Dr. Gulani’s LASIK publications, check out gulani-publication.

Patients undergoing vision correction treatment at the Gulani Vision Institute can be assured of receiving the very best of care at the hands of a highly skilled refractive surgeon who has studied with some of the most prominent ophthalmologists in the world.

Dr. Gulani is considered a world resource for LASIK complication management and has pioneered a number of innovative surgical techniques that are offered at his Gulani Vision Institute. His Amniotic membrane (human placenta) graft surgery for pterygium, pinguecula and dry eyes has garnered so much attention that it has brought in patients from around the world to his Jacksonville-based surgical center.

Recently, the Gulani Vision Institute has also introduced a new type of eye surgery specialty called Corneoplastique™, which allows LASIK surgeons to use laser eye surgery to correct corneal scars, irregular astigmatism, previous eye surgeries like Radial Keratotomy (RK), corneal transplants and contact-lens-induced complications. All patients are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by Dr. Gulani to determine the best course of treatment.

LASIK Reviews for Gulani Vision Institute

For more comments from these and other patients, please visit Dr. Gulani’s website.

“I am in the Army and didn’t want the inconvenience of glasses. After detailed research about surgeon experience and expertise, I selected Dr. Gulani. Dr. Gulani analyzed my work requirements and various situations that I could possibly be in to select a different laser vision technique for me. … I love knowing that I can see perfectly going into a combat area.” —Captain Michael J. Holmes, U.S. Army

“My experience was wonderful. I feel Dr.Gulani is the best! He is personable, experienced and very intelligent. I think Dr. Gulani’s surgical skills, education for patients and personal touch are beyond comparison.” —Dr. Cindy Couzins


“My vision problems included problems with distance and reading of small print. I had glasses for driving as well as reading. My passion is golf, and my vision problems were very inconvenient on the course. Having to wear glasses while playing golf was a real headache. … I had my surgery on a Wednesday. It was over in 20 minutes, and I was on my way home. Dr. Gulani checked on me later that evening and made sure I was following the instructions he had provided and was not experiencing any pain or side effects. A few days later I was back on the golf course…. without my glasses!!! My vision improved to 20/15. … My fiancée is having her vision corrected in a few weeks. If you are willing to send someone you love to a doctor, they must be good!!” —David Carnaroli


“When asked why I chose Dr. Gulani to perform the LASIK procedure on me, my answer is, ‘I saw first-hand what “LASIK deals” really means for accuracy.’ My uncle decided to shop around for LASIK deals and found a center out of Atlanta offering $599 per eye; he took the bait. After the procedure he told me that his vision was 20/80 in one eye and even worse in the other. He said that his eyes burned and itched and it felt like he had sand in his eyes. After all that, he still had to wear contacts and then go back for a second procedure and pay even more money! I learned my lesson from him … With a co-worker’s referral to Dr. Gulani and the 230 Internet articles I researched, I was certain I had found the best. I now have 20/15 vision and would refer anyone and everyone to Dr. Gulani for vision corrective surgery. He is the best!!!” —Christine Zimmerman


“I can’t help but get emotional when I speak of Dr. Gulani. I had previously been to numerous noted surgeons and was told that due to the severity of my eye problems, it was just too risky to perform LASIK on my eyes. I would have to accept being legally blind in both eyes, with severe astigmatism and double vision. … After consulting with Dr. Gulani, I felt in my heart that I had found not only someone I could trust but a man who possessed both the passion and the talent to help me. My trust was not misplaced. I am now seeing 20/20, without the double vision, thanks to his unbelievable gift of healing. Thanks to Dr. Gulani, the quality of my life has improved immensely.” —Diane Wink, School Teacher


“I had a corneal scar and very irregular astigmatism in my eyes. Everything was very blurry. My optometrist knew of Dr. Gulani’s success with complex LASIK cases and referred me to him. Dr. Gulani is very open about your particular situation. He’s very reassuring and confident that in one way or another he will strive to make your life better with vision.” —Michelle Huesemann


“In one word I can sum up my experience- unbelievable. Less than a year ago achieving a laser vision correction seemed a far reach. Gulani Vision Institute and its staff have exceeded any expectation I had. From the staff to Dr. Gulani, I knew I was a part of a team that cared about me and knew what was best for me and my vision. I would recommend Dr. Gulani to patients worldwide without a moment’s hesitation.” —Lance Burbank, Volleyball Coach, University of Florida


“The care and attention and education before and after surgery surpass any I have ever experienced. There is a wonderful balance between being highly professional and extremely personable. As for Dr.Gulani’s surgical skills, education for patients and personal touch, he shines in all three areas.” —Sarah Calhoun


“In one word I can sum up my experience- unbelievable. Less than a year ago achieving a laser vision correction seemed a far reach. Gulani Vision Institute and its staff have exceeded any expectation I had. From the staff to Dr. Gulani, I knew I was a part of a team that cared about me and knew what was best for me and my vision. I would recommend Dr. Gulani to patients worldwide without a moment’s hesitation.” —Lance Burbank, Volleyball Coach, University of Florida

More About Arun C. Gulani, MD, MS

Arun C. Gulani, MD, MS, is a world-renowned LASIK eye surgeon who performs the complete spectrum of laser vision surgeries designed to decrease dependence on glasses and contact lenses. Dr. Gulani earned his MBBS at KEM Hosp-Bombay where he also completed an ophthalmic residency. After relocating to the United States, Dr. Gulani completed an additional residency at the Brooklyn Jewish Hospital (during which he was named Chief Resident) and refractive surgery fellowship training at the Neumann Eye Institute.

Dr. Gulani is often cited in the academic community and has invented a number of important surgical instruments and techniques used throughout the ophthalmic industry. As such, he is widely regarded as a “Doctor’s Doctor,” and is invited to speak at major conferences and specialized forums around the world. Dr. Gulani has published his experience on Wavefront Custom LASIK, especially with the Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix and the VISX CustomVue systems, and has authored seven book chapters on new LASIK concepts and advances. He was the first doctor to introduce the Pentacam topography system in Northeast Florida and was recently included in an exclusive laser surgical video book.

Throughout his career, Dr. Gulani has been honored with awards from the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the Jacksonville Business Journal, Becton Dickinson, Bausch & Lomb, among other national and international recognitions.

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