Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser Cataract Surgery – Precise and Reliable

If you are considering cataract surgery and would like to experience the benefits of laser eye surgery at the same time, laser cataract surgery may be a great option for you. This innovative procedure combines the precision and reliability of laser technology with the life-changing effects of modern cataract surgery.

Laser cataract surgery is a relatively new procedure that utilizes the same state-of-the-art laser used in all-laser LASIK for certain steps of the procedure. Depending on your needs and your surgeon’s advice, the laser may be used to create a small incision and/or create an opening in the capsule that contains the cloudy lens. If you have astigmatism it might be used to create incisions called limbal relaxing incisions in the periphery of the cornea.

How does laser cataract surgery compare with traditional cataract surgery? Check out the following video then continue reading below for a cost comparison.

Why Laser Cataract Surgery?

Some experts believe that laser cataract surgery is more accurate than other forms of cataract surgery. It also makes a tighter incision, which reduces your risk of infection. What’s more, this exciting new procedure may involve a shorter surgery time, less recovery time and better visual results. The surgery is safe, predictable and highly effective.

Like other modern procedures to treat cataracts, laser cataract surgery will reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses. Other benefits that it shares with other current cataract procedures include:

  • Clear vision without the need for thick glasses
  • Eye drops for anesthesia
  • No needle
  • No stitches
  • Small self-healing incision

Am I a Candidate?

If your vision has become cloudy due to cataracts and you are experiencing other symptoms that adversely affect your life, such as blurry vision or the need for brighter light to read, you are likely a candidate for laser cataract surgery. Speak with your eye surgeon to find out if you are a candidate for this amazing treatment.

Risks & Complications

All surgeries come with certain risks. Serious side effects of laser cataract surgery are uncommon but include:

  • Eye soreness
  • Rise in intraocular pressure, which can be problematic if you have glaucoma
  • Fluid accumulation in the central retina (cystoid macular edema)
  • Damage to the retina, including retinal detachment

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of your surgery will depend on the skill and reputation of your surgeon, and on where he or she is located. Currently, some surgeons do not charge any extra for the laser portion of the procedure, but this is expected to change as more surgeons begin to offer laser cataract surgery. For those surgeons who do charge for the procedure, according to information presented at the 2013 Ophthalmology Innovators Summit, the average increase in cost (compared to standard modern cataract surgery) for laser cataract surgery is $872 per eye, when a premium IOL is used. If you have this procedure you will be required to pay this difference.

For more information on surgery costs and other factors, speak to your eye surgeon about laser cataract surgery today.