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Laser eye surgery in Ft. Myers / Naples - Frantz EyeCare LASIK Reviews

Frantz EyeCare offers the area’s only bladeless, all-laser LASIK procedure, which involves the use of WaveLight femtosecond and excimer laser technology.

Choose Quality, Experience and Technology

During LASIK, a thin flap of tissue is folded back in order to access the tissue that needs to be reshaped to correct your vision. WaveLight femtosecond and excimer laser technology allows your surgeon at Frantz EyeCare to perform this step 100-percent blade-free.

The WaveLight femtosecond laser creates a flap that is uniformly thick across the cornea, which, generally speaking, minimizes corneal weakening, spherical aberrations and dry eye. Some surgeons in our area continue using the microkeratome blades rather than the completely blade-free laser with computer-controlled technology that we use. NASA and the U.S. Navy have approved this advanced all-laser technology for use on astronauts and naval personnel.

You’re Probably a Candidate for All-Laser LASIK

Although there are some conditions that exclude certain patients, the reality is that the majority of people over 18 years old who are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism are good candidates for the all-laser LASIK procedure. If you are not a candidate for bladeless LASIK, we offer several other options for correcting your vision and reducing your dependency on glasses or contact lenses, including PRK, implantable collamer lenses (ICLs) or laser lens replacement. If you decide to have one of these procedures, you will be provided with additional information to help you make an informed decision.

Laser vision correction is considered elective surgery; therefore, it is not normally covered by individual or group health insurance policies. We are happy to offer easy payment plans to those who are interested, and can provide you with financing information. Laser vision correction is also a qualified medical expense under flex or medical spending accounts.

Schedule a consultation with Frantz EyeCare to discuss your LASIK candidacy. Learn more about the LASIK procedure, the estimated cost of treatment (and available financing) and the recovery process.

About Jeffrey B. Robin, MD

Dr. Jeffrey B. Robin

Board-Certified Ophthalmologist • LASIK & Cornea Specialist

One of the Top LASIK Surgeons in the U.S.

Jeffrey B. Robin, MD, joined the medical team at Frantz EyeCare in June 2014 as a LASIK and cornea specialist. Dr. Robin has performed tens of thousands laser vision correction procedures during his 20+ years in practice, with the vast majority of his patients seeing 20/20 or better following surgery, without glasses or contacts.

He has traveled to more than 30 countries to perform and teach vision correction surgery and has been designated by Best Doctors of America as a Top Doctor for several consecutive years. Additionally, his extensive qualifications place him among the top 1 percent of LASIK laser eye surgery and refractive surgeons in the United States.

An extensively trained and experienced ophthalmologist, Dr. Robin specializes in corneal diseases and surgery and refractive surgery. He has worked successfully in many ophthalmology scenarios, including academic, VA, private practice and corporate environments. He has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed articles and has delivered thousands of lectures and seminars at ophthalmology meetings around the world. He is an internationally recognized refractive surgeon and was extensively involved in the development, growth and leadership of the International Society of Refractive Surgery, of which he remains a member and is past president. He is also a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

To schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Robin and learn more about your vision correction options, contact Frantz EyeCare by calling (239) 418-0999.

Pennsylvania State University • Summa Cum Laude

Jefferson Medical College • Philadelphia

Georgetown University Medical Center • Washington, DC

Estelle Doheny Eye Foundation • University of Southern California
LSU Eye Center • Louisiana State University School of Medicine

University of Central Florida College of Medicine • Orlando, FL

About Jonathan M. Frantz, MD, FACS

Dr. Jonathan M. Frantz

Board-Certified Ophthalmologist
Cataract & Refractive Specialist • Medical Director, Frantz EyeCare

A pioneer in laser vision correction, Dr. Frantz is one of the top five bladeless laser cataract surgeons in the country. He introduced laser cataract surgery to southwest Florida in May 2012 and continues to embrace the latest technology for both cataract and laser vision correction patients. If you are not a candidate for iLASIK, Dr. Frantz can utilize the same laser that he uses in bladeless laser cataract surgery to perform laser lens replacement. During the laser lens replacement procedure, an artificial lens is used to replace your eye’s natural lens in order to improve your vision.

Dr. Frantz:

  • Is the only two-year fellowship-trained refractive surgeon in the area
  • Was named in the Guide to America’s Top Ophthalmologists
  • Served as assistant surgeon in the first excimer laser surgery of a sighted person in the U.S.
  • Performed the first excimer laser procedure in Lee County following FDA approval
  • Was first in the area to offer VISX Star S4 WaveScan System, CustomVue
  • Offers LASIK, iris registration and bladeless iLASIK technology
  • Was the first surgeon in the area to offer ReSTOR IOL, bladeless laser cataract surgery, ORA with VerifEye and VERION Image-Guided System

Vanderbilt University • Magna Cum Laude

University of Miami, Graduated With Honors

Louisiana State University Eye Center

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