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Laser Vision Correction at Advanced Laser & Cataract Center

The team at Advanced Laser & Cataract Center is focused on providing you the latest technology in the safest way possible. Our mission is for you to achieve your optical goals and feel good during the process. Dr. Belardo and his staff strive to give affordable access to clear eye sight through their LASIK services to every patient. Each member of the staff puts the patient first and takes pride in giving the best service possible every time.

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About Dr. Belardo, M.D.

Dr. Belardo, M.D. has performed over 30,000 vision correction procedures. He completed his ophthalmology residency at the Harness Eye Institute/Columbia University. After completing his three year residency, he went on to spend another year at the University of Rochester to work with Dr. Aquavella, a Harvard graduate, who was spearheading the research in the first excimer laser studies as a corneal fellow and instructor. Dr. Belardo’s corneal fellowship makes him one of only a few Corneal and Refractive Specialists in Oklahoma. Dr. Belardo also completed a year of Oculoplastic Facial surgery in Dallas and Michigan with several university professors: Dr. Merritt, Dr. Nessi, Dr. Gladstone, Dr. Myint and Dr. Watson.

Dr. Belardo developed five offices in Western Oklahoma, performing cataract, refractive and plastic surgeries. Dr. Belardo sold his practice to TLC and became one of their first LASIK surgeons. He, along with three other surgeons, performed the first LASIK eye surgery procedure in the state of Oklahoma.

Dr. Belardo has performed LASIK in Texas and Oklahoma working with several LASIK companies. He is the co-founder and surgeon of the Advanced Laser & Cataract Center. He was also the very first to perform “no stitch-no patch” cataract surgery in Oklahoma.

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