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1174 Castro Street, Suite 112
Mountain View, California 94040


San Jose Office
2107 North First Street, Suite 101
San Jose, California 95131


Eye Institute at Stanford
2452 Watson Ct.
Palo Alto, CA 94303


2901 Tasman Drive
Suite 208
Santa Clara, California 95054


San Jose/Santa Clara/Silicon Valley Office
2211 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 200
San Jose, California 95128


Hayward Office:
1237 B Street
Hayward, CA 94541


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    About LASIK Surgery in San Jose, California

    LASIK eye surgery in San Jose often helps people who struggle with refractive eye imperfections. Many of the best and most highly skilled ophthalmologists perform LASIK in San Jose to help people achieve clearer, more accurate vision. During the procedure, a surgeon will create a small flap in the cornea of the eye. Then, the surgeon will use the top state-of-the-art technologies to correct any flaws in the eye before returning the flap to its original position. However, there are more types of laser eye surgery than LASIK in San Jose. A new laser eye surgery that is gaining popularity is Epi-LASIK. This procedure calls for a thinner flap in the eye’s surface and uses different tools than LASIK surgery. LASEK is another method of refractive laser eye surgery, as well as PRK. With the variety of laser eye surgery options available, many patients are able to find the right procedure to fit their individual needs.

    Older patients who undergo LASIK in San Jose often seek out other procedures from specialists to enhance their appearance. Many seek out anti-aging treatments such as Botox to help with wrinkles, while others are interested in seeking out treatment to help with hair loss. Some may visit a cosmetic dentist for different treatments, including teeth whitening and wisdom teeth removal.

    Traveling to San Jose for LASIK

    While patients recover from LASIK in San Jose, they often take the opportunity to enjoy the city’s numerous attractions. As the largest city in the nearby area, which includes Silicon Valley, Cupertino, Los Altos, Mountain View and Sunnyvale, San Jose has a lot to offer its tourists in addition to its sunny, warm weather. The bustling downtown is home to many historical sites, including the Hotel Sainte Claire. This architectural masterpiece is one of the city’s best recognized landmarks. Standing six stories high, the Sainte Claire is claimed to be one of the most grand, elegant hotels on the west coast. Guests love the accommodation’s hand-painted walls, hand-carved wooden molding, large chandeliers and French and Spanish architecture.

    While staying in San Jose, many patients enjoy watching a performance from San Jose’s prominent opera company. Performing out of a 1920s vaudeville and film theater, the magnetic entertainers and vintage venue provide a unique, delightful experience for out-of-towners. The opera presents numerous classical shows every season, including favorites such as Carmen and Madame Butterfly.

    Additional Enhancement Procedures in San Jose

    After experiencing the joys of renewed vision from LASIK surgery, many patients feel motivated to undergo other elective surgeries. To lessen the prominence of wrinkles and ease the appearance of aging, some patients seek out San Jose face lift surgeons to achieve youthful, refreshed looks. Tummy tuck San Jose specialists are able to tighten the abdomen to give patients the appearance of a flat stomach. This procedure is useful after a patient has lost a significant amount of weight, often following weight loss surgery in San Jose.

    If you are interested in receiving information on how to be listed in this LASIK Surgeon Directory, please call 858-454-5505 or email us.