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Laser Vision Correction at TLC Laser Eye Centers

TLC Laser Eye Centers of Cleveland offers conventional and Custom LASIK.

At Clear Choice TLC our goal is to deliver the latest technology to our patients at a price they can afford. Clear Choice TLC offers both conventional and custom LASIK, Corneal Crosslinking, Intra-ocular lens procedures, and Implantable Contact Lenses.

All of our preoperative testing is completely free. So, we can determine what kind of technology you’re a good candidate for without any cost to you.

We can offer all of your care at our location in Brecksville, Ohio, or we can work with your local optometrist to make your visits more convenient and closer to home. Clear Choice has two Board Certified Ophthalmologists on staff and three distinct laser platforms. Call us at 440-740-0400 to schedule a free LASIK consultation or email us at info@ClearChoicelaser.com.

More About TLC Laser Eye Centers

The surgeons at TLC Laser Eye Centers have performed thousands of refractive and medical eye surgeries. This extensive experience, coupled with their dedication to state-of-the art technology, allows them to produce superior results on a consistent basis.

The surgical team has been recognized by their peers in the ophthalmology community as skilled, caring, dedicated surgeons. They are thoroughly committed to making sure patients have an enjoyable and rewarding surgical experience.

William F. Wiley, MD

For Bill Wiley, eye care is all in the family. His father Robert is a retired eye surgeon, an early pioneer in LASIK and one of the original founders of Clear Choice. As a result, Bill knew at a young age what he would be when he grew up. And he isn’t just walking in his dad’s footsteps, he’s running in them.

Bill received a BA in Chemistry from the University of Virginia, then attended the Medical College of Ohio. During a rotation in medical school in Russia, he worked with Dr. Svyatoslov Fyodorov, the pioneer of modern refractive surgery. And Bill received honors from Harvard Medical School during an advanced ophthalmology rotation.

Bill’s credentials continue beyond his education. He’s worked in China, Russia and India, studying the latest refractive techniques. And he’s truly a “doctor’s doctor” — Bill has performed surgery on more than 100 physicians and their families in the last four years.

Bill is currently the medical director at Clear Choice, the Cleveland Eye Clinic and Toledo LASIK Center. If he weren’t conducting laser vision correction procedures, he’d be teaching ophthalmology, which he does with residents occasionally at Case Western University Hospital. Bill also occasionally enjoys the Starbucks’ French Vanilla coffee in the Clear Choice lobby… but only after his work is done for the day.

Shamik Bafna, MD

Dr. Shamik Bafna is the Corneal Specialist of the Clear Choice vision team, after serving for 10 years as a surgeon at Arnett Clinic in Lafayette, IN. Like all the Clear Choice doctors, Shamik comes to Clear Choice with a wealth of vision correction credentials, and a sincere passion for helping people.

Shamik also brings an extensive education from the University of Michigan, including his bachelor’s, master’s and medical degrees. He completed his residency at the Cullen Eye Institute at Baylor University, and received the Heed Ophthalmic Foundation Fellowship Award during his fellowship at the New England Eye Center in Boston. Shamik is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and is a National Board of Medical Examiners Diplomat.

For Shamik, being an eye surgeon at Clear Choice fulfills two of his greatest interests — working with the precision of some of the latest technology, and bringing people the joy of enhanced vision. He had LASIK surgery himself seven years ago.

When Shamik isn’t working, he and his wife and two children enjoy traveling. They have been to 25 different countries in the course of their travels.

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