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Dr. Jason Greenberg, D.O., is a board-certified and fellowship-trained cornea specialist who focuses exclusively on vision correction surgery. He has been performing laser vision correction since 2004 and has 17 years in the field of ophthalmology. He is a highly skilled and experienced eye surgeon who has more than 72,000 LASIK procedures completed. Dr. Greenberg, D.O., feels strongly about the life-changing benefits of LASIK surgery and has had LASIK performed on his own eyes. He and his team take pride in transforming the lives of their patients, and love providing excellent care in a comfortable and relaxing setting. He is recognized for his achievements in eye surgery and has been awarded the Ophthalmology Award from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine.

At LasikPlus, each patient receives a unique combination of comprehensive surgeon training and experience, sophisticated laser technology, a fifteen-year history of excellent vision stability, ultimate affordability and the most extensive selection of financing plans. LasikPlus was one of the first providers to offer LASIK surgery in the United States, and their surgeons have performed more than 1.6 Million laser vision correction surgeries.

On the job or off the clock, your vision is your most trusted partner. You could have 20/20 vision with LasikPlus. It’s simple, affordable, and frees you from the confines and restrictions of glasses or contacts. Your eyes are your most important tool in serving the greater good. LasikPlus could help you be your best.

To determine if you are a candidate for LASIK surgery in Lexington, call (866) 724-6033 to schedule a free consultation. Learn more about the details of the LASIK procedure and what to expect during recovery, and discuss the cost of LASIK and available financing.

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Each patient is examined and evaluated carefully. Two excimer laser platforms are available for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism: the VISX Star S4 and Allegretto WaveLight. Each laser is equipped with sophisticated eye-tracking technology to precisely track the eye while the laser changes the corneal shape. The availability of these lasers allows the surgeon to choose the best option for your refractive surgery. In addition to LASIK, he and his medical team offer PRK surgery. Click here for more information on LasikPlus technology.

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Dr. Jason Greenberg, D.O., completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Arizona; being selected to the National Honor Society. He earned his degree in osteopathic medicine and performed his residency in ophthalmology at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University, where he served as Chief Resident his final year. Dr. Greenburg then completed specialty fellowship training in cornea and refractive surgery at the Woodhams Eye Clinic in Atlanta. He is an active member of major osteopathic medicine and ophthalmology societies, including the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and the American Osteopathic College of Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgeons.

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