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Dr. Robert Epstein offers LASIK surgery and PresbyLASIK in Chicago, including Des Plaines and McHenry, Illinois

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Robert L. Epstein, MD, is a board-certified ophthalmologist who has performed refractive surgery since 1980. He is a nationally recognized expert in vision correction procedures that free his patients from dependence on glasses and contact lenses. Dr. Epstein has performed LASIK and other refractive surgery procedures on patients from the Chicagoland area, the United States, and around the world, including his own children. He was the first surgeon in the Midwest and third in the United States to perform LASIK surgery in 1991. He holds several patents, including an instrument that increases the safety and accuracy of laser vision correction. He is one of the developers of multifocal LASIK that gives people freedom from bifocals and reading glasses.

Dr. Epstein’s goal is to optimize the visual outcomes of surgery for each patient. He has authored three books, is on the editorial advisory board of Review of Ophthalmology and is a reviewer for the Journal of Refractive Surgery.

More About The Center for Corrective Eye Surgery

Dr. Robert Epstein is the Medical Director and Chief Surgeon of The Center for Corrective Eye Surgery. He has personally hand-picked and trained every staff member to ensure the highest quality of patient care. Each patient is given a comprehensive examination before surgery to determine the best option for vision correction. For LASIK, Dr. Epstein uses the newest in custom wavefront technology, the VISX STAR S4 excimer laser system. This system provides a highly accurate measurement of the corneal shape. This unique “corneal map” is then programmed into the laser so that an individualized laser profile reshapes the cornea to correct for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The STAR S4 technology combined with Dr. Epstein’s skill and experience provide for some of the safest and most precise LASIK outcomes. In addition to LASIK, Dr. Epstein offers PRK and Epi-LASIK for laser vision correction. Crystalens (an intraocular lens that corrects both near and distance vision) and ICLs (intraocular contact lenses) are available for patients who do not qualify for LASIK.

Dr. Epstein also specializes in multifocal LASIK, or PresbyLASIK. This advanced procedure carefully reshapes the corneal surface to improve patients’ near, intermediate and distance vision. Unlike traditional LASIK that corrects for either near or distance vision, PresbyLASIK helps presbyopic patients see objects at all ranges, often eliminating their need for bifocal eye glasses and contact lenses.

More About Dr. Robert Epstein

Dr. Robert Epstein completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering. He worked as a research scientist at Bell Laboratories before obtaining his medical degree from the New Jersey Medical School. His residency in ophthalmology was completed at the University of Illinois School of Medicine. He also completed a Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Chicago. Dr. Epstein is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is a former vice-chief of medical staff and chairman of medical staff quality assessment. Dr. Epstein has done pioneering work related to the treatment of presbyopia, an age-related condition that requires patients to use glasses for reading and other tasks requiring close vision. He was the first surgeon in the Chicagoland area to perform “presbyopia reversal” surgery in 1997 and has developed a “multifocal” LASIK procedure to reverse presbyopia. Also, he is one of the few surgeons in the United States who performs a procedure called scleral reinforcement. This procedure helps patients who are excessively nearsighted and are at risk of going blind.

What Dr. Epstein’s Patients Are Saying

“Hi, my name is Christine Lich, and I live in Antioch, Illinois. I have had glasses for thirty years, since before kindergarten, until my LASIK surgery with Dr. Epstein. My husband had the surgery two years ago, also with Dr. Epstein, and then I decided to take the plunge and do it myself. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done! Now I can wake up and see my kids, and go swimming with them, without getting splashed on and getting spots on my glasses. I recommend it to everybody!”

“My name is Dave Thomas, and I’m from Schaumburg, Illinois. I work out here in the Woodstock area. I’ve been wanting to get LASIK surgery for about 15 years. I learned of Dr. Epstein through a number of friends and 1-800-I-CAN-SEE. I decided to do the surgery two years ago right before I turned 50. Right now I’m going to be 52 and I am so pleased with the surgery. I came in on a Thursday and had both eyes done; that day I could see perfectly, and the next day I came in for the check-up and everything was just wonderful. Dr. Epstein called me that night to make sure that everything was fine, and it was. I’m pleased that I’ve received LASIK. I no longer wake up in the morning, reach over to shut off the alarm clock and look for my glasses. What a wonderful feeling!”

“My name is Gene Guetzow. I’m from Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, and I’ve struggled with contacts and glasses for a long time before I decided to have LASIK surgery with Dr. Epstein. It’s been great now! I had LASIK done months ago and I take it for granted how easy everything is now and how good I feel. I really appreciate Dr. Epstein and LASIK surgery he performed.”

“Hi, my name is Jim Giblin. I’m from Chicago, and I had LASIK with Dr. Epstein about three years ago. I wore glasses since I was in fifth grade or so, and LASIK procedure was wonderful and life-changing. To be able to reach over the night stand and NOT have to reach for my glasses is wonderful. It’s just instinctive for me to reach for glasses, and not have to do that anymore is great. I wish I had undergone LASIK much sooner!”

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