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Information for patients seeking cataract surgery with Crystalens IOLs in the Inland Empire

As the president of Laser Eye Center, Abraham Shammas, MD, is proud to serve the vision care needs of patients throughout the Inland Empire, from his offices in Ontario and Riverside. Dr. Shammas is known by both his patients and peers as one of the leading eye surgeons in his field. Dr. Shammas and the rest of the team of surgeons at Laser Eye Center perform cataract surgery and other refractive surgeries designed to provide patients with clearer eyesight. They use only the safest eye surgery procedures in an eye care center equipped with the most advanced technology.

Catalys Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery at Laser Eye Center

For patients in need of cataract surgery, the Laser Eye Center group of surgeons proudly offers the Catalys precision laser system. This cutting edge technology allows for laser-assisted cataract surgery that includes liquid optics with an integral guidance system for the surgeon. This advanced technique allows for a more precise surgery than older techniques, which involve using an ultrasonic hand-held machine with a steel tip to break apart the cataract-affected lens in the eye.

The Catalys system also uses a proprietary 3D imaging system to map the surface of the eye, allowing the surgeon to customize treatment for the patient. As such, the femtosecond laser pulses are delivered to the eye with extraordinary precision. This system also provides a gentle dock for the patient, minimizing rise in eye pressure during the surgery and lessening ocular redness after the surgery.

Laser-assisted cataract surgery provides a predictable, noninvasive technique to an age-old problem. The advanced features of the Catalys system allows our surgeons to deliver quality results, time and time again.

In tandem with the advanced technology of the Catalys system, the surgeons at the Laser Eye Center offer the option of intraocular lens implants (IOL) for cataract surgery patients. These lenses replace the natural lens of the eye and corrects refractive errors that lead to blurry vision. One IOL option offered is the accommodating Crystalens IOL, which works along with the eye muscles, allowing them to focus on both near and distant objects. The result is that patients have markedly improved vision for near, far and in-between distance viewing.

Also available at Laser Eye Center are vision correction procedures including LASIK and Custom LASIK, the latter of which treats higher order aberrations of the eye that cause night vision, glare and other vision distortions. For more information, please contact Laser Eye Center.

Praise from Laser Eye Center Patients

“I had a great experience at Laser Eye Center, before and after the surgery. Everyone was so nice and friendly and they explained everything very clearly. I don’t have any changes for them and I would recommend the surgery to family and friends.” —R.G.

“I’m very pleased with the service and follow up treatment. What changes can Laser Eye Center make for future patients? Nothing, all was wonderful.” —Fernando Rosas

“I am very pleased with my surgery! It took place in the Ontario office. The experience was very nice from the moment I had my first visit and all the way through my process. Everyone was very informative with the information they gave me. My first consultation also took place in Ontario and was great! I felt really comfortable. I have no changes for you, keep up the good work! I was referred by a family member and it was the best experience and best investment I made. Thank you everyone for your kindness!” —Michelle Mattison

“I had my surgery and first consultation at the Encino location. My experience was great – it was professional and the staff was very knowledgeable and courteous. Thank you for your expertise and professional services.” —Jose Diaz

More about Dr. Shammas

Abraham Shammas, MD, attended the American University of Beirut, where he received his medical degree and completed a residency program. He was fellowship-trained, with a focus on glaucoma, at the University of Southern California’s Estelle Doheny Eye Foundation. Once his education was complete, Dr. Shammas began training other doctors in his role as Assistant Professor in Clinical Ophthalmology at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Director of Glaucoma Service at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles. Known for maintaining the highest standards of patient care, he holds memberships in esteemed organizations that include the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Doheny USC Professionals Association.

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