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Providing Cataract surgery with ReZoom, AcrySof ReSTOR, Crystalens or toric IOLs in Wilmington, DE

Dr. Jesse Richman is a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in cataract surgery, treatment for glaucoma and refractive surgery treatments such as LASIK and Visian implantable collamer lenses. He regularly participates in ongoing studies aimed at developing new technologies. In addition, he provides continuing education for eye doctors, residents and students.

By offering the most advanced cataract surgery available, Dr. Richman is able to treat cataracts in the least invasive way possible and even address other vision disorders while performing surgery. He offers dropless cataract surgery, laser-assisted cataract surgery, the iStent procedure, multifocal IOLs and toric IOLs.

Advanced Cataract Surgery

The cataract surgery begins with a mild anesthesia and topical anesthetic eye drops to numb the eye. This technique, which eliminates the bruising and soreness associated with injections, was pioneered at Kremer Eye Center. Patients on medications such as Coumadin and aspirin typically are able to continue taking their medications.

Once the anesthesia takes effect, the surgeon makes a tiny incision in the eye, breaks up and extracts the cataract using a technique called phacoemulsification, and implants an intraocular lens in its place. This technique allows patients to resume most day-to-day activities within a reasonable timeframe. Kremer Eye Center offers advanced intraocular lenses options to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Premium Lens Implants

Premium intraocular lens implants (IOLs) can eliminate or at least reduce your need for glasses, including reading glasses, following cataract surgery. They provide for a more expansive range of vision when compared with traditional single-focus lens implants. Dr. Richman offers the following state-of-the-art lenses: AcrySof ReSTOR, ReZoom, Crystalens and AcrySof Toric lenses (to correct astigmatism). They were among the first in the area to offer these lenses.

Dr. Richman will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your eyes to help you select the lens that best suits your needs.

Dropless Cataract Surgery

In an effort to improve our patients’ experience with cataract surgery, Dr. Richman offers patients the option of having cataract surgery performed in such a way that most patients no longer need to take drops before or after surgery. This advanced procedure is called “dropless cataract surgery.” In dropless cataract surgery, a medicine called Tri-Moxi-Vanc* is placed in the eye at the time of surgery. The medication is absorbed by the eye over the next month, providing patients the benefit of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines without needing drops.

Traditional cataract surgery requires the patient to use multiple eye drops before and after surgery, often up to four times a day for a month or more. In most cases, dropless cataract surgery eliminates the need to apply over 400 drops in patients who are having cataract surgery on both eyes!

Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

This advanced medical procedure improves the precision and reproducibility of several of the most critical steps in cataract surgery. For those who want the most precise and predictable surgery, laser-assisted cataract surgery may be recommended. The laser is guided by a computer, allowing customization to your eye’s unique characteristics, giving the potential for better visual outcomes.

During your consultation, Kremer Eye Center will do advanced diagnostic testing to determine which cataract surgery options would best suit your needs.

At Kremer Eye Center, Dr. Richman and staff are always focused on what is best for our patients. The entire surgical team as well as our staff and technicians are dedicated to making you feel cared for and comfortable every step of the way.

Please contact Kremer Eye Center at (800) 863-7954 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Richman and learn more about your cataract surgery options.

About Kremer Eye Center

Kremer Eye Center, founded in 1980, is the region’s leading Ophthalmology Practice specializing in advanced LASIK technology; Cataracts, Glaucoma, Cornea and Oculoplastics. Kremer remains committed to utilizing the most advanced technologies and procedures to accelerate recovery time and improve patients’ outcomes and vision.

Kremer Eye Center has three surgical centers located in King of Prussia, PA, Cherry Hill, NJ, and Wilmington, DE, featuring state-of-the art advanced LASIK technology suites. Additionally, Kremer has four satellite locations in Center City Philadelphia, Horsham, Springfield and Pottstown, PA. Pre- and post-operative care are conveniently provided at Kremer offices and at our over 1,000 affiliate optometrist offices throughout the tri-state area.

More About Dr. Jesse Richman

Jesse Richman, MDJesse Richman, M.D. is a board-certified surgeon who specializes in the surgical and medical treatment of glaucoma and cataracts. Dr. Richman obtained his undergraduate pre-medical education at Penn State University in State College, PA, graduating cum laude. He then enrolled at Jefferson Medical College, where he earned his M.D. degree. After performing his transitional internship at Frankford Torresdale Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, Dr. Richman completed a three-year residency in Ophthalmology at Brown University in Providence, RI, where he was awarded the William Tsiaras Research Award and was appointed Chief Resident of Ophthalmology. He then completed a Glaucoma Fellowship at the Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Richman continues to lecture and teach the residents at Wills Eye’s Glaucoma Service.

Dr. Richman has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and authored chapters in ophthalmic textbooks. He has presented his top-notch research at several major ophthalmic assemblies including the American Glaucoma Society, the World Glaucoma Conference, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology.

In addition, Dr. Richman has patented a novel diagnostic test for the detection and management of glaucoma, named the Spaeth-Richman Contrast Sensitivity Test. He was the first ophthalmologist to implant the iStent trabecular micro bypass in the state of Delaware and has designed a single-step toric marker to aid in the reduction of astigmatism at the time of cataract surgery. Dr. Richman is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Glaucoma Society.

Dr. Richman provides treatment at our Cherry Hill, NJ, and Wilmington, DE, surgical centers.

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