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Serving patients seeking LASIK surgery in New York City and the surrounding areas

Dello Russo Laser Vision is the LASIK practice New York City patients trust for quality care and excellent visual outcomes. The practice was founded by Dr. Joseph Dello Russo in 1990 in Bergenfield, N.J., and within 10 years, three additional locations had opened their doors to serve Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. Over the years, Dr. Dello Russo has played a pivotal role in introducing most of the advances in laser vision correction. Now, under the leadership of Dr. Dello Russo and his son, Dr. Jeff Dello Russo, Dello Russo Laser Vision helps patients throughout New York and Northern New Jersey enjoy better vision and a higher quality of life.

The team at Dello Russo Laser Vision has performed more than 160,000 LASIK procedures. LASIK and the other laser vision correction treatment options available at the practice (e.g., “no blade” LASIK and PRK) are short, virtually pain-free outpatient procedures. Recovery is rapid and many patients notice visual improvements almost immediately after surgery.

In addition to correcting refractive errors through LASIK and other vision correction procedures, Dello Russo Laser Vision offers cataract surgery — another short, outpatient procedure. Several types of advanced intraocular lenses are available to restore clear vision after cataract surgery.

More about LASIK at Dello Russo Laser Vision

LASIK is designed to correct refractive errors that cause nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, and to give patients freedom from glasses and contact lenses. Prior to the procedure, the patient’s eyes are numbed to prevent any discomfort during the laser treatment. In a conventional LASIK procedure, the eye surgeon uses a small surgical instrument to create a tiny flap on the cornea. In newer, “no blade” procedures, a femtosecond laser is used to create the cornea flap. (The top layer of the cornea can also be completely removed.) After folding back the flap, the surgeon uses an excimer laser to carefully reshape the cornea and improve any abnormalities in the cornea’s curvature. After reconfiguring the cornea, the eye surgeon restores the flap to its original position, where it naturally seals itself. The procedure takes 20 minutes or less, and shortly afterward the patient returns home to recover for the rest of the day. Many patients are pleased to discover they can see clearly without glasses or contacts as soon as the following day. Typical LASIK results are 20/20 or better.

What Patients Say about Dello Russo Laser Vision

“I never had the chance to look back after my Lasik Surgery and formally thank you because I was so busy looking forward to my new life seeing without glasses. I thank God for you Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, every single day since I had my surgery. I appreciating the beauty of everything around me and don’t take a single second for granted. From age 13 to 48 I prayed for 20/20 vision. My prayer came true thanks to you. Five years later and I am still thanking you everyday.” — Suzanne D.

“Thanks to you and your staff I will be having the merriest Christmas and happiest New Year in a long time. As a result of the LASIK surgery you performed on December 6th, the next day I could see distant objects with amazing clarity without my glasses. As an unexpected bonus I am able to read all but the smallest print without glasses. I am typing this without glasses, and feat which would have been impossible only two weeks ago. The sense of liberation and independence from glasses that I feel is indescribable.” — Russell C.

More about the LASIK Surgeons at Dello Russo Laser Vision

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo is a graduate of New York University and received his medical degree from New York Medical College. He has been a leader and pioneer in laser vision correction for nearly three decades. Handpicked by the FDA to perform LASIK clinical trials — that eventually led to the FDA’s approval of LASIK — Dr. Dello Russo has personally performed over 160,000 laser vision correction procedures. Because of his experience, Dr. Dello Russo is considered one of the top three surgeons in the country, according to laser manufacturers. He has traveled internationally to share his expertise with fellow surgeons and has published extensively on related topics. Dr. Dello Russo has also held free seminars to train hundreds of present-day LASIK surgeons. In addition to his LASIK expertise, Dr. Dello Russo was one of the pioneers in laser cataract surgery. He introduced the third Yag laser in the nation and founded the first ambulatory eye surgery center in the Northeast.

Dr. Jeff Dello Russo is the son of Dr. Joseph Dello Russo. He graduated from Tufts University and received his medical degree from New York Medical College. Dr. Dello Russo completed his ophthalmology residency training at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York. He completed additional fellowship training in refractive surgery at the New Jersey Eye Center under the tutelage of his father. Dr. Dello Russo was the first laser surgeon to perform “no blade laser vision correction” in the greater New York metropolitan area.

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