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LASIK Jacksonville – Serving patients seeking LASIK eye surgery in Jacksonville and the surrounding area

Individuals seeking Jacksonville LASIK surgery entrust Michael Insler, MD, with their vision because he is a board-certified ophthalmologist with expansive experience: He has performed more than 50,000 vision correction surgeries. Dr. Insler has been a professor of ophthalmology at Louisiana State University Eye Center and a guest lecturer at numerous national and international institutions, speaking about various subjects relating to ophthalmology, including LASIK. He has published more than 100 articles in ophthalmology journals, and has edited and authored several chapters and books about ophthalmologic topics. In addition, Dr. Insler is a proud recipient of the Honor Award from the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

At the Jacksonville The LASIK Vision Institute, Dr. Insler combines state-of-the-art laser technology with ophthalmic diagnostic equipment to provide patients with comprehensive laser vision correction, including LASIK surgery. He also offers eye care patients his expertise in PRK vision correction options.

To find out more about your laser vision correction options or to schedule a personal evaluation at LVI, please contact The LASIK Vision Institute™ at (800) 293-0957 today.

More About Vision Correction at The LASIK Vision Institute™

At The LASIK Vision Institute™ in Jacksonville, Dr. Insler offers patients personally tailored laser vision correction. By using the technologically advanced VISX CustomVue wavefront laser system available at the Jacksonville office, he is able to give patients precise vision correction results.

Before starting the LASIK procedure, Dr. Insler determines each patient’s refractive error with the help of the sophisticated wavefront computer-guided diagnostic system. This innovative system allows him to identify higher order aberrations, the extremely subtle eye errors that other ophthalmologists without wavefront technology tend to miss. Dr. Insler then utilizes the diagnostic data to adjust the excimer laser, which he will use to reshape each patient’s corneas during LASIK surgery.

The initial step in the LASIK procedure is for Dr. Insler to make a miniscule flap in the cornea, using a microkeratome. Through this flap, the laser eye surgeon accesses the underlying corneal tissue and re-contours it with the excimer laser. In doing so, he is able to improve the refractive error that is causing farsightedness, nearsightedness and/or astigmatism. Once the surgeon is satisfied with the newly shaped cornea, he gently puts the corneal flap back in its original position. The flap naturally re-seals itself to the eye, without a need for stitches.

Those who undergo LASIK in Jacksonville with Dr. Insler do not usually feel any pain during the procedure. Not to mention, LVI surgeons use LASIK technology that delivers 20/20 or better vision within a year to 98 percent of patients, and many patients no longer need prescription glasses or contact lenses for clear vision.

What Do Patients Say About The LASIK Vision Institute™?

“I can see!! YIPEE!! It was easier that what I thought. Everyone was friendly and wonderful. Ecstatic with the results.” —Stacy F.

“The LASIK Vision Institute is a miracle. It takes you from poor eyesight to perfect vision. The staff members are knowledgeable, kind, considerate and well trained in their field.” —Marshall R.A.

“I can’t believe how a 6-minute procedure could so immediately and drastically change my vision … and therefore my life!!” —Kelly G.

More About Michael Insler, MD

Michael Insler, MD, received his doctorate of medicine from the University of Miami Medical School. He then completed his residency in ophthalmology at Tulane Medical School and a subsequent cornea fellowship at Emory University. He formerly served as director of refractive surgery at Louisiana State University (LSU) and has been a professor of ophthalmology at LSU Eye Center.

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