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    About LASIK Eye Surgery in Tampa, Florida

    For those who wish to correct refractive vision problems, visiting a Tampa LASIK surgeon is a great place to explore alternatives to the traditional methods of vision correction, such as eye glasses or contact lenses. LASIK surgery gives its patients long-lasting results often with little to no recovery time. In many instances, patients report crystal-clear vision immediately following the procedure.

    LASIK surgeons in Tampa use some of the highest quality technology, including advanced laser platforms and special tools to create corneal flaps. However, not everyone is eligible for LASIK, including patients who have thin corneas. In these cases, Tampa laser eye surgeons can provide alternative procedures such as LASEK. Very similar to LASIK surgery, LASEK involves creating a flap in the epithelium before reshaping the cornea with an excimer laser. With these advanced techniques and equipment, Tampa laser eye surgeons are capable of addressing all vision correction needs.

    Traveling to Tampa for LASIK Surgery

    Patients who are recovering from LASIK eye surgery in Tampa will enjoy the city’s year-round warm, tropical climate. The beaches of the Tampa Bay area are some of the finest in the country, including the well-known Clearwater Beach. Guests also enjoy lying by the water near the Hillsborough River, which runs near downtown Tampa and provides locals with fresh water.

    Many visitors are impressed with the city’s modern architecture and large skyline. Its vast amounts of high rises and skyscrapers give the natives and tourists much to view. The AmSouth Building, the largest building in the city, and the Sulphur Springs Water Tower, a landmark from the 1920s, are a few spots many love to explore.

    However, no trip to Tampa is complete without a stop to the SS American Victory, a ship from World War II that now serves as a memorial museum. The staff of the ship offers guided tours, as well as youth programs onboard. Tourists are able to not only experience a new city, but also a taste of history at this Tampa landmark..

    Additional Cosmetic Procedures in Tampa, Florida

    After patients experience the joys of renewed vision from LASIK surgery, they are often inspired to receive additional elective procedures. Many choose to refresh their looks by undergoing facelift surgery in Tampa. Others elect to visit a Tampa rhinoplasty surgeon in order to alter their noses and change the overall aesthetics of their faces. Often, patients decide to correct any dental imperfections by getting teeth whitening, dental implants or porcelain veneers. To locate a qualified cosmetic dentist in Tampa, please visit the directory at the Consumer Guide to Dentistry.

    If you are interested in receiving information on how to be listed in this LASIK Surgeon Directory, please call 858-454-5505 or email us.