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Craig F. Beyer, DO, is a board-certified ophthalmologist who focuses primarily on vision correction surgery. Dr. Beyer is considered a pioneer in the development of LASIK surgery. He served as a member of the first surgical team to perform excimer laser surgery on a human eye and was one of the first 10 eye surgeons approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to perform investigational excimer laser surgery. He currently owns and operates the only laser vision correction center in the city of Boulder. Dr. Beyer has performed laser vision correction longer than any other surgeon in the state of Colorado. His surgical skills are well known and many patients have sought Dr. Beyer and his exceptional surgical team for the correction of their nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. He has been voted the top LASIK surgeon in Boulder County.

At Beyer Laser Center, Dr. Beyer’s goal is to combine his extensive experience with top laser technology in order to provide patients the best possible LASIK outcomes.

More About Beyer Laser Center

Dr. Beyer is the Medical Director and Chief Surgeon of the Beyer Laser Center. Each patient is meticulously examined by Dr. Beyer and his team to determine the best option for vision correction.

LASIK at Beyer Laser Center involves two surgical steps: the creation of the flap, and the reshaping of the cornea. Instead of using a blade to create the flap, our patients have the option of using the Blade-free IntraLase laser method. The IntraLase femtosecond laser, which is the latest advancement in Blade-free LASIK technology, uses pulses of laser light to create the flap. The IntraLase laser is often considered to be safer and more accurate than a blade. The second step involves reshaping the cornea with the VISX Star S4 ActiveTrak laser. When the laser treatment is complete, the flap is repositioned into place.

This Blade-free, computer-guided technology is more accurate than most of the mechanical microkeratomes (hand-held devices with a thin metal blade) that surgeons may also use to create a corneal flap.

The Blade-free IntraLase method has been used successfully on hundreds of thousands of eyes and is trusted by Dr. Beyer to deliver exceptional results. The use of this advanced technology is part of his commitment to provide you with the ultimate in comfort, safety and outstanding vision. Because of the superior accuracy of the IntraLase method, certain patients who are ineligible for LASIK may be able to have treatment.

The IntraLase laser strategically creates a corneal flap that prepares the eye for a second laser. The VISX Star S4 excimer laser system is then used, which offers the newest technology in custom wavefront LASIK. Each patient’s cornea is measured in minute detail. It creates a “fingerprint” of the eye that is programmed into the excimer laser so that each cornea is reshaped with a unique laser profile. The combination of the surgeon’s advanced skills and the newest technology wavefront-guided LASIK system provides patients with excellent results.

To schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Beyer to learn more about your eye surgery options, including information about the cost of LASIK and related refractive procedures, please contact the Beyer Laser Center at (866) 422-9740​.

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Patient Reviews for Dr. Beyer

Kevin Costner

“I was told by another ophthalmologist in Santa Barbara, California, that Dr. Beyer was one of the best LASIK surgeons in the country, so I knew he could help me out. Thank you Dr. Beyer and your terrific staff for doing such a fantastic job!” —Kevin Costner, Actor and Singer

Wes Hobson

“For years I trained and raced without great vision. I tried contacts once in 1992. The first day I had them, I went for a bike ride and a contact blew out. Since that day, I never had prescriptive vision when racing. I was worried about eye surgery. When I decided to get it, I knew the Beyer Laser Center is where I would have it done. Its reputation gave me no other option. Now, for both training and work in the real estate business, I can see! I keep wanting to adjust my glasses around my ears, but I don’t wear them anymore.” —Wes Hobson, Former USOC Triathlete of the Year

Joanna Zeiger

“Getting Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA) from Dr. Beyer has been life changing. I see better than I ever did with contacts and my eyes are more comfortable. The constant irritation and dryness from sweat and wind has been minimized. I no longer have to worry about losing a contact lens during a race – something that I always feared before. I can see better in the open water, and when I am riding my bike the obstacles in the road are much clearer. Even traveling on airplanes has become more pleasant. I am not sure why I waited so long!” —Joanna Zeiger, 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Champion

Tyler Hamilton

“If you wear glasses or contacts and haven’t had laser vision correction, you’re crazy! As a professional bicycle racer who needed glasses to see three feet away, I had to continually contend with weather issues and sweat. I was constantly pulling off my eyewear in races and rubbing my eyes, causing further irritation. I had very poor visibility in the rain, on a dark day or near dusk. I was worried about having anyone touch my eyes, but my worries about LASIK were unfounded. Now the ability to wake up and be able to see everything and not have to fuss with eyewear on the bike is fantastic! You should take a quantum leap in the quality and performance in your life by having laser vision correction at Beyer Laser Center.” —Tyler Hamilton, Professional Cyclist

More About Craig Beyer, DO

Craig F. Beyer, DO, received his undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia, and his medical degree from the University of Health Sciences, Kansas City, Missouri. His residency in ophthalmology was performed at the St. Louis University Medical Center. Dr. Beyer received specialty fellowship training in corneal refractive surgery at the world-renowned Louisiana State University (LSU) Eye Center in New Orleans. While at LSU, he participated in the earliest excimer laser studies and co-authored the first scientific paper describing LASIK surgery.

Before excimer laser surgery was approved for use in the United States, Dr. Beyer traveled throughout Europe and other parts of the world, lecturing about advances in laser eye surgery and training other ophthalmic surgeons on the newest procedures. Dr. Beyer is or has been an active member of the top ophthalmology and medical organizations, including the American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Society of Refractive and Cataract Surgery, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology and the American Medical Association.

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