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    Learn about LASIK Eye Surgery in Albany

    LASIK is the most popular type of laser eye surgery performed in Albany, NY and around the world. This procedure was originally developed to correct for myopia (nearsightedness), but now can be used to correct for hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia (age-related farsightedness.). Other types of laser eye surgery include PRK, LASEK and epi LASIK. These procedures are very similar to LASIK, but use a different method for creating the corneal flap. In one type of procedure, PRK, no corneal flap is created and the excimer laser procedure is performed on the outer layer of the cornea. All of these procedures can be performed using wavefront technology so that the smallest imperfections in the eye can be measured and corrected by the excimer laser.

    Albany, New York LASIK Surgeons

    When the top eye surgeons in Albany perform LASIK, there are two different ways to create the corneal flap. The cornea flap is created so that the surgeon can apply the excimer laser energy to the inner layers of the cornea. During the procedure, the surgeon creates the flap, folds the flap back, applies the laser energy and then gently lays the flap back in place. One method to create the flap uses a blade, called a microkeratome, to separate a thin layer of cornea from the corneal inner layers. The other method uses a femtosecond laser. The most well known type of laser used for this procedure is called IntraLase, but there are a number of other lasers now that can also effectively and safely create the corneal flap. This procedure is often advertised as All LASER LASIK or Bladeless LASIK.

    A LASIK Surgery Consultation in Albany

    When consulting with an Albany LASIK surgeon or any other LASIK Surgeon, it is best to ask about other patients who have had the procedure performed. It is not inappropriate to ask the surgeon to have the contact information of patients who have volunteered to be contacted. At the consultation, you should also learn about LASIK eye surgery New York cost and, if enhancements are necessary, whether they will be covered by the fee or if there is an additional cost.

    Additional Enhancement Procedures in Albany

    Albany is the capital city of New York State and is home to many high quality LASIK surgeons, as well as other types of specialists who offer enhancement surgery procedures. The city is about 100 miles north of New York City and can easily travelled to using Interstate 87. During winter months there can be snow in the area, and you can check driving conditions and winter advisories using the Departmnetnt of Transportation website. Other surgeons in Albany offer plastic surgery with procedures, such as breast lift. For those patients who have undergone weight loss surgery in New York, a plastic surgeon can help remove the excess skin and fat after the massive weight loss. Consumer Guide to Dentistry provides in depth information about oral health and esthetic dentistry and features a directory, where you can choose a Albany cosmetic dentist.

    If you are interested in receiving information on how to be listed in this LASIK Surgeon Directory, please call 858-454-5505 or email us.