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    Fort Myers and Naples Florida Cataract Surgery Specialists

    Fort Myers and Naples are some of the best places in the state of Florida to retire. The constant warm climate and availability to yachting and fishing makes them desired retirement destinations. Since cataracts typically affect patients who are older than 60 years of age, there are numerous cataract patients in Naples and Ft. Myers. A cataract causes the natural lens to become cloudy and for real-world images to appear hazy and washed out. As cataracts become more severe, patients are unable to perform everyday tasks, such as driving a car or walking in the shadows at dusk. When the patient becomes so visually impaired that he or she cannot sustain the same active lifestyle, a top Fort Myers or Naples cataract surgeon may recommend that the cataract be removed and replaced with an intraocular lens or IOL.

    Types of IOLs

    A wide range of IOLs are offered by the top Naples and Fort Myers cataract surgeons. The most widely used IOLs are known as monofocal IOLs and correct vision for only one distance, either near or distance vision That is, if the IOL corrects the patient for distance vision, then the patient will not be able to see up close without glasses. The multifocal lenses, such as AcrySof ReSTOR and Symfony, can correct for both near and distance vision. The Crystalens is a good way to provide correction for both near and distance, and it works in a different manner than multifocal lenses. Unlike the multifocal lenses, the Crystalens moves back and forth in the eye as the patient focuses at different distances, just as the natural lens would do in a younger patient. However, it does not provide completely the same focusing power that a younger person has.

    “No Stitch, No Patch” Cataract Surgery in Naples and Ft. Myers

    The best Naples and Ft. Myers cataract surgery specialists use the most advanced “no stitch,” “no patch” surgical technique. An incision is made in the cornea (the clear outer covering of the eye ball). A probe is inserted into the eye where the natural lens is located. The cloudy natural lens is then liquefied and removed from the eye through aspiration (suction). An IOL is implanted in the eye where the natural lens had been.

    Other Enhancement Procedures in Naples and Fort Myers

    Many Naples and Ft. Myers cataract surgery patients are so pleased with their new vision that they seek other enhancement treatments to help them feel and look younger. Often, the best cataract surgeons offer facial cosmetic procedures for the areas around the eyes, such as Botox, Radiesse, Sculptra or Juvederm injections. These surgeons may also be able to help the patient find the best plastic surgeon in Ft. Myers for his or her other surgical enhancement needs, such as a facelift or tummy tuck.

    Visiting Ft. Myers for Cataract and Other Surgery

    Due to the many top cataract surgeons available in Naples and Ft. Myers and the beautiful areas to sightsee, patients often visit these cities for cataract surgery and a post-surgical vacation. Some of the best sightseeing locations include the beautiful beaches that form the border between the Gulf of Mexico and Ft. Myers and Naples. The deep blue ocean and dazzling white sand join to create a pleasant sight for a post-cataract surgery patient. One of the most relaxing beaches of the Collier County Preserve system is Barefoot Beach.

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