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Serving patients seeking LASIK eye surgery in Fargo and the surrounding area

In West Fargo, ND, at The LASIK Vision Institute®, Fargo laser eye surgery patients can expect that they are receiving the best laser vision correction treatment possible from experienced, board-certified Ophthalmologists. FDA approved technology and caring staff ensures that every patient receives comprehensive laser eye care at affordable prices, with effective results.

The Fargo LASIK Vision Institute is furnished with technologically advanced diagnostic and laser equipment to give individuals precise vision correction results. The staff at this location are dedicated to providing patients with a comfortable laser eye surgery experience – one that their Fargo LASIK clients are excited to tell their friends and family about. In addition to traditional LASIK eye surgery and PRK, The LASIK Vision Institute also offers Custom Wavefront Optimized procedures.

To learn more about your laser eye surgery options or to schedule a free evaluation with an independent, experienced doctor, please contact The LASIK Vision Institute at (800) 293-0957 today.

More About Laser Eye Surgery at The LASIK Vision Institute®

The experienced laser eye surgeons at The LASIK Vision Institute use innovative laser technology for customized care. The Fargo eye care practice is equipped with WaveLight® technology that generates ideal laser vision correction results for patients with a variety of refractive errors.

The LASIK Vision Institute utilizes the wavefront technology to diagnose patients’ unique refractive errors. This technology allows your surgeon to diagnose the most subtle of vision problems, usually referred to as “higher order aberrations.” Your surgeon will then use this information to personalize an individual treatment with the excimer laser used to reshape the patient’s corneas during LASIK surgery.

More about Dr. Jonathan McGlothan

Dr. Jonathan McGlothan received his medical degree from the University of Washington School of Medicine, and completed an internal medicine residency program at the George Washington University Medical School and an ophthalmology residency program at Howard University.

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