Tampa Cataract Surgery with Premium IOLs: ReSTOR, Symfony, Tecnis Multifocal

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    Cataract Surgery in Tampa

    Cataracts, or a clouding of the eye’s natural lens, are extremely common in aging adults. Cataracts cause distorted or blurry vision and make it difficult for a person to perform everyday tasks like reading or driving.

    The surgical removal of cataracts, combined with the placement of a lens implant, greatly improves vision and can enhance a patient’s quality of life. There are many excellent cataract surgeons in Tampa, some of whom have been in practice for 20 or more years and are extremely experienced with the procedure. The most proficient Tampa cataract surgeons are now offering laser cataract surgery, in which a laser is used to perform the most challenging steps of the procedure. If you believe cataract surgery is the solution to your visual problems, seek a surgeon in your area and arrange a consultation.

    Types of IOLs

    Intraocular lens technology continues to improve, and many Tampa cataract surgeons offer the most advanced options available. Monofocal lenses improve vision at one distance, and multifocal lenses enhance vision at various distances. Premium IOLs are special lenses that offer the added benefit of correcting presbyopia and improving a patient’s full range of vision, often reducing the need for contacts or glasses. Crystalens is a popular type of premium IOL; it is classified as an accommodating lens, meaning it shifts position as the eye muscles move, allowing the patient to see at various distances.

    Scheduling Your Tampa Cataract Surgery

    There are plenty of attractions in Tampa, Florida to visit after recovering from cataract surgery. Some of the most famous attractions include Busch Gardens & Adventure Island, the Florida Aquarium and Lowry Park Zoo. Tampa is also rich in culture and the arts, and boasts the Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa Theatre and David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts. Those interested in the World War II era may want to explore the American Victory Mariners Memorial & Museum Ship, which is docked adjacent to the Florida Aquarium. Once your vision has been improved with cataract surgery in Tampa, you will be able to fully enjoy everything the city has to offer.

    Many cataract surgeons also perform LASIK. If you or a friend is considering LASIK and want to learn more about the procedure, such as LASIK cost or potential risks, schedule a consultation with a laser vision correction surgeon today.

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