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Dr. Lawrence Katzen

Lawrence Katzen, MD


901 North Congress Avenue
Boynton Beach, Florida 33426

Dr. David Mittleman Eric Medina MD

David Mittleman, MD
Eric Medina, MD


2000 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd
BB&T Building Suite 400
West Palm Beach, FL 33409


    Cataract Surgeons in West Palm Beach Florida (FL)

    Florida is called the sunshine state and the South Florida area, which includes West Palm Beach, Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens, receives plenty of the sun’s rays. Sunshine is a major source for ultraviolet radiation (UV) and it is thought that cataracts are caused by excessive exposure to UV light. Cataracts are a clouding of the natural lens. If the cloudiness becomes too severe, patients can no longer perform everyday visual tasks. The best cataract surgeons in Palm Beach can remove a cataract lens and replace it with an artificial lens or intraocular lens (IOL) using the “no stitch, no patch” surgical technique. Often the patients can see better after surgery than they could before they developed cataracts.

    Training for a Cataract Surgeon in Palm Beach County

    Cataracts Palm Beach surgeons are ophthalmologists who have completed medical school, a year of internship and at least a three year ophthalmology residency training program. Some of the surgeons also have attended specialty fellowship training in anterior segment surgery. The best cataract surgeons are typically highly experienced and have performed thousands of eye surgery procedures.

    West Palm Beach as a Destination for Cataract Surgery

    In addition to the top cataract surgeons who practice in West Palm Beach, the city is a great draw for cataract patients because of many excellent places to visit in the local area. Cataract surgery is a painless procedure that often requires less than 30 minutes. LASIK Miami / Palm Beach patients can typically see clearly the next day, which gives them an opportunity to enjoy the sites in Palm Beach with their improved vision. Common attractions include the intracoastal waterway, where some of the most glamorous yachts in the country are moored next to Palm Beach mansions, and the Norton Museum. Also, there are a number of beaches, including Delray Beach and Boyton Beach to enjoy.

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