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    Detroit Cataract Surgeons Offering Premium IOLs

    Many of the top cataract surgeons in Detroit and Rochester, Michigan (MI) offer the newest and best technology for the treatment of cataracts. These surgeons perform the “No Stitch, No Patch” surgery technique that can provide for a rapid recovery time. Highly advanced intraocular lens (IOL) technology is also available in Detroit. These advanced lenses, called premium IOLs, offer an effective treatment for cataracts and can correct for presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition that affects the older population and is characterized by the loss of the ability to focus on close objects. Since most cataract patients are 50 years of age or older, most have presbyopia and cannot read without the use of reading glasses or contact lenses. Premium IOLs, such as Crystalens, AcrySof ReSTOR and Tecnis, can restore vision that has been clouded by a cataract and, at the same time, eliminate the need for reading glasses.

    Cataract Surgery: The Procedure

    During cataract surgery, a small incision is made in the outer edge of the eye. An instrument, called a phacoemulsifaction device, is inserted through the incision. The cataract surgeon uses this device to emulsify the natural cloudy lens and remove it from the eye through aspiration. The IOL is then placed in the eye in the same location where the natural lens had been. Cataract surgery is the most widely performed surgical procedure in Detroit and across the United States. In most cases, the surgery is performed using local anesthesia and the patient can return home the same day. If the incision is properly placed, the incision is self-healing and no stitches are required.

    Consult a Board Certified Ophthalmologist in Detroit

    To determine if you are a candidate for cataract surgery in Birmingham, MI and whether one of the premium IOLs (i.e. Crystalens, ReZoom, AcrySof ReSTOR or Tecnis) is right for you, it is best to consult a board-certified ophthalmologist in Detroit who specializes in advanced forms of cataract surgery.

    Visiting Detroit for Cataract Surgery

    Since many patients see clearly the next day after surgery, cataract patients often visit Detroit for surgery and then stay for a few days to enjoy their newfound vision. Many museums and galleries dot the Detroit area. The Detroit Institute of Arts is a must see, with a wide range of paintings and music. Of course, the history of Detroit and the auto industry are intertwined and a wide range of interesting attractions can be visited related to the history of the automobile, such as the Henry Ford Museum. Detroit borders Lake Erie and is not far from Lake Huron. Both of these coastline areas offer scenic beauty for patients to enjoy with their cataract-free vision.

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