ReSTOR, Symfony, Crystalens IOL Cataract Surgery in Boca Raton, Florida

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    Cataract Surgery in Boca Raton

    Boca Raton, like many other South Florida communities, has a population that includes many retirees. As such, many Boca Raton residents are affected by a cataract – a condition that is commonly experienced during old age. Boca Raton cataracts surgeons are renowned for their expertise and exceptional skills in treating cataracts using the latest surgical techniques and technologies. Cataracts are treated by removing the clouded lens and replacing it with a monofocal intraocular lens (IOL) or a premium IOL such as Symfony, ReZoom or ReSTOR. Following the procedure, patients typically receive improved eyesight within hours.

    Top cataract surgeons in Boca Raton use the “no-needle, no-stitch, no-patch” surgical technique, which requires a small, self-sealing incision around the eye. A probe is then inserted through the opening and used to break apart the clouded lens with phacoemulsification and remove the remains. An intraocular lens is then inserted into the eye to replace the clouded lens that was removed. Once the procedure is complete and vision is restored, Boca Raton cataracts patients are once again able to enjoy all the fun and interesting activities and destinations that the area provides.

    Many of the best cataract surgery Boca Raton practices offer a wide variety of treatments for the eye area, including contrast sensitivity testing, glaucoma treatments, eyelid surgery and Botox injections.

    Places to Visit in Boca Raton After Cataract Surgery

    Boca Raton is a posh, upscale community in South Florida and a popular tourist destination for people throughout the area, including LASIK Ft. Lauderdale patients who visit the area. It is said that the city received its name, which translates to “Mouse Mouth” in Spanish, from a nearby inlet that Spanish sailors once described as having gnawed at their ships’ cables. Today, it is home to some of the most affluent communities in Florida. Visitors come to Boca Raton to shop at the trendy boutiques in Mizner Park and enjoy the benefits of year-round warm weather. Boca Raton is also known for its excellent art community. The Boca Raton Museum of Art features several of South Florida’s finest cultural attractions and collections of works from masters, including Degas, Arman, Matisse and Picasso.

    In addition to art museums and shops, Boca Raton also serves as a major hub for research and education in South Florida. Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is a well-known public university and research facility in Broward and Palm Beach counties. FAU is renowned for their research in the fields of biomedical science, marine biotechnology, oceanography and ocean engineering.

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